December 2019 News

Apr 29, 2020

We’re very thankful to be closing out 2019 on so many high’s of the year!

Tucker Lane – Dauphin Countryfest 2019

Telemiracle 43 was such an amazing experience for us!  Everyone behind the scenes was so welcoming.  The Kinsmen and Kinettes help so many people and we were just extremely thankful to be a small part of it all.  Scroll down to see a few photos!

At Easter we went out to Toronto and played a few gigs that were incredible!  Seeing old friends and family brought tears to our eyes.  It was a magical experience.  We’ve got some photos we took with some of the original members of Universal Honey (see photos below)!  Epic!!

We almost didn’t get to play at the Canada Day fireworks festival because of a crazy storm.  I’m sure the good folks in Saskatoon remember that one!  We waited patiently in our vehicles for mother nature to do her thing.  Thankfully, the winds died down and the sun came out and we were able to go on after the monsoon like conditions and we rocked it out!

During the year we met a ton of awesome new friends!  We also had some great visits with dear old friends.  We really appreciate you all coming out to the shows and we love it when you come up and say hi!

We also have a new album’s worth of songs that we’re currently recording!  We threw in some of our new material in to our sets along the way, like our fast and furious new song “Stevie Nicks Freedom”.  You all reacted so positively to all of our new songs so we’ve been putting that amazing energy into our recordings.  Saying we’re extremely pumped to get the album out to you all is an understatement. 

We’ve got a few shows coming up in December.  Check out our Tour page.  If you can come out don’t be shy, come up and say hi.  I promise we won’t bite.  Just watch out for Warren’s Animal friend hanging out on his drumkit. 

As far as shows in January we will be laying kind of low as we will be putting the finishing touches on our new album.  We can’t wait for you all to hear it!  It totally rocks!  Honestly!

Well, we sure hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday and we look forward to meeting many more of you wonderful people and hangin out with y’all in the new year!

Wishing you love, light and rockin’ music in your journey between now and then and beyond.

Peace out. 

Leslie, Johnny, Brent and Warren

Telelmiracle 43